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Age 24
Occupation Handyman
Sexuality Straight
Relation status Girlfriend
Penis length 17 cm  |  inches
Penis girth 12 cm  | 
Prepuce Uncut
Shoot location Stockholm
Video length 20:18
Casting agent Michael

JONAS | by Michael, casting agent

Jonas had seen an ad in a local website with erotic content. He surfed on our website and submitted an application form with some photos. I went immediately excited to meet this guy. He wrote his letter in a way that only the letter made me feel a bit randy. So we met and Jonas was ready to take his clothes off. But before that he shared some really exciting experiences of his sexual encounters. You just have to see this video. It is SO hot...



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Video includes following:  Short interview, Full body inspection, Arousal, Wanking, Cumshot, Surprise moment, Still images




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