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Age 19
Occupation Car Engineer
Sexuality Straight
Relation status Single
Penis length 17 cm  |  inches
Penis girth 13 cm  |  inches
Prepuce Cut
Shoot location Stockholm
Video length 16:47
Casting agent Alexis

LIAM | by Alexis, casting agent

This young horny lad was so horny when he came to us that he couldn't let his dick be during our fast interview. He was touching himself all the time. Liam was very eager to show me his dick that went hard as soon as I zoomed the camera into it. He actually tried to hit on me. Unfortunately, I am a woman of honour and I never mix business and pleasure. However, if I was a single lady, I would have propably concidered to shag this horny young boy - or at least to give him a blowjob, which he actually was begging for. This is a hot audition from the very beginning to the cummy end. See it!



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Video includes following:  Short interview, Full body inspection, Arousal, Wanking, Cumshot, Surprise moment, Still images




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