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Age 26
Occupation Ambulance nurse
Sexuality Straight
Relation status Lives with his gf
Penis length 22 cm | 10 inches
Penis girth 14 cm | 5,5 inches
Prepuce Uncut
Shoot location Stockholm
Video length 32:14
Casting agent Michael

MARTIN | by Michael, casting agent

I got to know Martin for a couple of years ago when he became a boyfriend to one of my female friends. We found each other right away and started to hang around. Eventually my friend and him broke up and he found a new girl, the one he still lives together with. I knew that Martin was kind of a exhibitionist. His party tricks involved always his penis. Martin and I was drinking at my place one evening and we got so drunk that we decided to not go out. He knew that I was a casting agent. I have always wanted to see him hard, since I knew he had a quite big dick so I asked if he could do a casting video for med if I paid him. He didn't have to think about it. He agreed and we decided to make a video right away. He didn't have any problem with the shooting. However, I did. I went hard as soon as his clothes were on the floor and had a hard time hiding my excitement. Watch the video and you see why...



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