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Age 18
Occupation Student
Sexuality Bicurious
Relation status Single
Penis length 23 cm | 10,5 inches
Penis girth 19 cm | 7,5 inches
Prepuce Uncut
Shoot location Stockholm
Video length 22:50
Casting agent Michael

RICKARD | by Michael, casting agent

This innocent looking young boy got to know about our auditions from a friend of his who I have tried to pesuade to do an audition. That guy was too shy to do that, but his friend that looks so much younger and so innocent - he wanted to do an audition right away. I didn't have anything against it, the opposite actuellay. Few days after Rickard rang my door bell and I shooted our meeting from the very first beginning. And boy - did he have a surprise for me? Oh yes, Rickard is a very hung boy! And despite that fact, he was ready to go already when he was undressing for me. I asked him if he could let me touch his dick and wank it a little. Well... find out on the video if he did or not.



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Video includes following:  Short interview, Full body inspection, Arousal, Wanking, Cumshot, Surprise moment, Still images




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